Bus stop


My bus stop. I had not noticed the cool little robber masked man sticker until I took the picture this morning. You can see him in the top right corner of the picture in the background right below the blue roof of the bus stop.

The stop is 2 min. away from my house and I always take it to university, however, what drives me nuts about the bus stop here (and it also did in Melbourne), is that the stops only give you the number of the bus and that’s it. Right. The number. No final destination (well, it shows on the bus), no stops, no timetables. NOTHING. Just the bl***y sign saying, „I’m a bus stop and you can take numbers 231, 239, 94 whatever“…. Doesn’t really help when you’re new to a place. Other than the bus, there is an LRT (Light Rail Transit) in Edmonton, which doesn’t pass my place, so bus really is the only public transport option to get around.

So, yeah, European/German transport systems, you’re not only sorely missed but also highly appreciated and I apologize for all the times I  got unnerved by you.

via PicsArt Photo Studio

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