The Booky Wook

imageI finished the Booky Wook. I breathed through the first half and then it took me a while to get through the 2nd half. Of course I can blame that on university. Frankly, if you have to do approximately 150 pages per week of academic reading, you don’t really feel like reading for fun in your spare time… However, I really like Russell Brand. I think he’s funny and charming and eloquent and I must admit I love his accent. I can also see why some people find him super-annoying – because he is. The ‚problem‘ with the book is that he writes like he talks. Which can be good in a way, but maybe it would work better for an audiobook, because some of his exuberant personality get’s lost on the way – I suppose that’s why he’s successful doing stand-up. Another thing was that the ‚plot‘ basically consists of stringing together episode after episode which didn’t make the content come across as well-rounded. Nevertheless, I enjoyed most of the book. It’s a quick and easy read and quite entertaining. It also gives you some insight into a drug addicts life and I must say for all he’s been through it’s a miracle he still came out to be the person he is. Kudos! I can’t even stop myself from eating chocolate cookies when I know they’re there…. Anyways, I will probably even go and read „My Booky Wook 2 – This time it’s personal“.  And I really want to watch „Get him to the Greek“ and „Forgetting Sarah Marshall.“ If  you want to see some of Brand I recommend some of his stand-up on youtube or his rather entertaining appearances as guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson or on Jonathan Ross.

And then I’m not sure for how long this will have been my last ‚fun‘ reading…. unless you want to recommend a really awesome must-read to me!


2 Gedanken zu “The Booky Wook

  1. Komische Pflichtlektüre habt Ihr da an der Uni… 😉 „Männertrip“ (Ich glaube im Original „Get him to the Greek“,was mal wieder ein furchtbares Beispiel für deutsche Titel“übersetzung“ ist) lief hier vor kurzem im free TV und ich hab mich weg gelacht. Im Original wahrscheinlich noch besser… Kann ich nur empfehlen. Gruß Tobi

  2. Pflichtlektüre, I wish! 😉 Habe Teile von ‚Männertrip‘ im Original auf youtube gesehen und mich da schon weggelacht (Stichwort Fellwände streicheln). Jap, ich glaube das Original ist 1000x besser! ….

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