The kitties are gone…

imageBailey was the first to go a couple of days ago. Tonight my housemates took the whole cat family to a cat-reunion and goodbye at the new owners‘ house, so that the mama-cat can see where her babies go and that they’re not coming back to our house with us. The little chap in the photo is the only one who is going to stay with us. Well, he and his mama of course. He’s quite a mummy’s boy and my housemate wanted to keep a boy rather than a girl to keep his mother company. Also, she wanted to keep all the kittens but there’s no way we’re having 5 cats in a 2-bedroom house. Especially here, where it get’s so cold in winter that they can’t get out most of winter. The kitties are really super-cute but I think I’d still prefer a dog….


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